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Do you love Coding? Good. Because for you, there isn’t a better software development job on the planet.
"We don’t believe in putting people in boxes"
We don't care so much about your specific technology background. We're much more interested to know that you learn quickly, are disciplined in your work, and have already demonstrated interest and aptitude by having become proficient in a variety of languages and tools. We look for people who are passionate about development, have good communication and people skills, and who love discovering new things and sharing them.
  • Have experience coding at all levels of a .Net Technology: from the ASP.Net/C# to JavaScript all the way down to the database.
  • Translate real-world problems into elegant code solutions.
  • Understand the balancingact between crafting a robust, lasting solution and banging something out right now.
  • Are excited to have your work used by real people to solve real problems.
  • Hate the idea of being a cog in the machine—you want to own your features.
  • Have a passion for code. You take pride in your Stack Overflow reputation, side projects, or open source contributions.
  • Believe culture mattersmore than anything else.
  • Are a team of nerds, designers, marketers, and geeks who love music and tech.
  • Have a profitable, kick-ass solutions that giving fresh breath to Organisation.
  • Need you to help us build awesome software all over the world.
  • Are fans of rapid iteration. We average a dozen pushes to production each day.
  • Are as passionate about code.
  • Promise you’ll love coming to work every day.
Working with Us, You Can:
  • Enjoy an unlimited vacation policy.
  • Sleep soundly with our salary plans.
  • Out of the box geeky development experience.
  • Plugin Headphones, start playlist and cherish coding for amazing Apps.
  • Amazing work experince and part of Geek team.
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